Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Food

I love making baby food. I try to use solely organic produce, and organic oatmeal and rice cereal. I have not fed my daugher any poultry yet, though that is next on the list. I bought a cookbook from Williams-Sonoma which I love because it is simple to follow, straight to the point, and provides recipes targeted for specified ages so that it is food friendly for baby's age. I have also utilized, which is a great resource as well. But I found a physical cook book that I can reference with less clutter (no ads) worked better for me.

Items I need and use to make her baby food:
Food processor (Cuisinart and minature processor)
BPA-free Babies R Us storage containers so I can freeze her food in 2 oz containers and unthaw
Miniture spatulas (bought at an ACE hardware by my grandma)

My daughter's favorites thus far, yams, avocado, and plums.

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