Thursday, October 6, 2011

9 months in...

I am a mommy of a 9 month old little girl. Boy how life has changed since she was born. I have learned so much that it would be a shame not to share or jot it down while I can remember so I have a reference for the next kiddo someday.

Sleep? I am getting some of that now. Everyone says "sleep when the baby sleeps." Which is totally do-able when you have a newborn, but a 9 month old, no way. I thought sleep deprivation was going to be the hardest thing when having a baby, personally, however, I think my baby crying and not knowing what she needs or wants was the hardest thing. I found after her arrival that her crying and my not being able to make her stop was very mentally taxing. Now, at 9 months though, I read her much better. I suppose that comes with experience and getting to know YOUR baby.

The second hardest thing, for me, was breastfeeding. But I am proud to say that she is 9 months and 3 days old, and we are still exclusively breastfeeding. No one warned me though. They just kept telling me how good it is for my baby. And I agreed, but it sure is hard! I'll tell my secrets to breastfeeding up to this point in another post.

Today, at 9 months old, my daily mommy tasks are entertaining her, chasing her around as she is a very mobile critter around, and dealing with the teething MONSTER. Her first tooth popped in early this week, and she has had a case of the grumpy's since. She also has been sleeping A LOT at night. Between my little crawler, climber, squealing, teething monster, and my household responsibilities as a wife, and my part-time job, I am one exhausted gal. But today, I am wanting to learn to knit my darling a beanie for the cold weather ahead, start a blog, and start a site where I can put all my coupon codes and deals into a virtual organizer.

Let's seize the day...

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