Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby M's Room

For my second daughter, I thought I would spend LESS money this time, and make what I wanted as far as room decor.  I looked at custom order sets and although they are beautiful and tailored to the consumer's desire, I just couldn't allow myself to spend that kind of cash.  So I followed an online tutorial and made my own crib bumpers (a pattern for this is provided by  And I am extremely happy how they came out!  I then decided to make my own curtains, and bench cushions to match.

The cushions are a set of six, and I used piping for the yellow border.

Below, the curtains are made of the brown polka dot fabric and lined with a thick thermal backing.

Christmas Wreath

After some pinterest inspiration.  I made my own wreath this year.  I used a styrofoam circle, spray painted it silver.  And then cut out 6 large firm felt snowflakes, arranged them on the styrofoam and pinned them down.  Next, I took glitter snowflakes of various sizes (bought from the dollar tree) and hot glued them on top of one another.  And here it is: