Wednesday, January 25, 2012

HAIR, Hair, hair...

So for the past couple weeks I have been working with my hair a bit more. And most of my inspiration has been from links I've found on pinterest.

My latest try was the sock bun. The sock part was super SIMPLE. The making of the bun was a bit more difficult. I watched several video's to decide which method was best for me (goodness there are many different sock bun methods!), but this video tutorial is the one I liked best:

She shows two methods of doing the sock bun, I preferred the second method she demonstrates.

I will try this again, but my first attempt was a complete FAIL. I have very naturally curly hair. So before trying this method, I washed my hair, dried it so that there was some dampness still, straightened it a little bit to settle fly aways and get rid of any waves after blow drying. Then I put my head upside down to put it into a high ponytail on the TOP of my head. And followed the second method instructions from the above video. My sock bun looked like the girls' in this video. However this morning, when I took it out, I had a crease in my hair from the ponytail holder, and my curls were very large so that only the ends of my hair were curled. And then within an hour, my curls were completely gone.

I am not sure this sock bun will work for me as my hair is naturally curly, and if I tried this method without straightening, I think my natural waves might take over and my frizz would be out of control (which is why I straightened it a little to begin with). But I'll let you know how attempt number two goes.

Here is my sock bun:

Another hair style that I have adored is natural, big waves. Here is a tutorial I found during my hunt:

I followed this tutorial, but I didn't find that it was much different from how I had been styling my hair while curly. The biggest point for me was learning HOW TO curl my hair... starting up high and not curling in the same direction with EVERY curl made. Overall, I was super happy how this hairstyle came out, and it lasted two days... a third was possible but I chose to wash my hair. Here's how it came out (day 1):

Another style I tried is a low "fancy" bun. I found this on pinterest and its a hair tutorial from TBD (The Beauty Department, also another Lauren Conrad site/blog). Here is a link to the tutorial: Prim and Proper TBD Bun

This is how mine turned out:

Another hairstyle that is very popular right now is the side french braid, there are a ton of variations. I followed a hairdresser's blog that is flooding pinterest. And she is GREAT. Here is her blog: The Small Things Blog

I was never taught how to french braid, so I needed a little help, and here was one you tube tutorial I found:

It was very simple, and I've been doing this every few days now when my hair is borderline greasy but I don't have time to wash it. Here is my first time trying it:

I bought some clear, small hair ties instead of the one you see in the picture. And I generally pull my hair back into a messy bun. Here was my inspiration:

The last piece regarding hair is the products you use. My two latest purchases include Moroccan Oil and Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner.

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