Sunday, September 16, 2012

Crocheting Obsession

So with baby girl #2 on the way, I have been a craft addict! I am hoping to slowly update my blog with all my creations as I am super proud of them and want to share! I started with a few crocheted hats, and a cocoon hat set. A blanket. And some super cute newborn ankle boots that I adore!

Infant Ankle Boots

Shell Stitch Hat 3-6 Months

Newborn Cluster Hat from Alli's Crafts Blog (She got a great blog with TONS of free crochet patterns)    This hat calls for sl st for the last few rows, but I am a chronic tight crocheter, so I used sc instead and it turned out great!  My first attempt at this hat came out way too tight it barely fit my daughter's dolls head, but she was overly excited for her doll to have a hat too!

Basic Newborn Beanie and I added the flower embellishment to spruce it up.

Baby Cocoon (This took me three hours, and it was so simple!!) I am still debating on my embellishments as I have some pretty awesome buttons that look great. But in this photo you will see a basic white ribbon.

My baby girl's first blanket!  (Big sister has one from a similar pattern that she always sleeps with-I've had to make her a second for when the first gets worn down!)

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  1. Love it! Can't wait to see your baby girl in all them :)